I loved the peppermint bark – it was so delicious!

-Sarah (Bay Village, Oh)


No Nuts Bakery is absolutely wonderful! They provide not only delicious delight to your taste buds but outstanding service. They go above and beyond to make sure they are accommodating their customers to their ultimate fulfillment. I recommend the White Chocolate Covered Pretzels!

-Jacqueline Pagano (Rocky River, Oh)


I’m so happy No Nuts Bakery is here in town. It’s been such a difficult time to find a place close that is nut free!!

-Sandra (Avon Lake, Oh)


I not only loved my Harry Potter birthday cake, but all my friends and cousins could eat it without worrying because there were no nuts in it!

-Grace (Bay Village, Oh)


No Nuts Bakery is the best!!!! 5 stars, their GF Cakes are outstanding, best GF product I’ve had! I’d definitely recommend this to anyone with a nut or Gluten allergy.

-Zak (Willoughby, Oh)


I feel it's necessary to state I am person who doesn't write reviews, and who is unbelievably picky about what good bakery is; and probably because of which I don't really even like bakery...   To me, the quickest way to screw up bakery is to add nuts.  Nothing worse than eating a handful of nuts...held together by cake.  I have never eaten any bakery item with nuts and liked it.  I mean from Girl Scout cookies to gourmet desserts; nuts do not belong there.  Why even add nuts??  Whatever happened to "just make a good cake!" Respect the cake.
So I recently discovered the truer statement is: I actually LOVE bakery, but man...you gotta do it right.  And I am elated to say that my search for the perfect bakery has ended... NO NUTS BAKERY is ON POINT!  I bit into a piece of cake from this place and it changed my life....  I actually rediscovered my love for bakery!  And I know it's not just me either because that cake vanished from the party, and it didn't have nuts..shocker.  Further proof that you just don't need them when you make good bakery.
Thank you to the good people at No Nuts Bakery for caring about the purity and lost art of just making a good solid cake.  I only wish they could provide me with some leftovers because I never seem to have any...  I have added No Nuts to my favs next to my auto mechanic and pizza shop.

-Gen & TJ ( Avon)


The best caramel cups in Cleveland. They are decadent and delicious! By far, my favorite go to sweet treat!

-Amy H