Moist Vanilla, White or Chocolate Cake Filled and Topped with your choice of a varieties of frosting. Inquire for details.


Eight inch round - $38 & up
Nine inch round - $43& up
Sheet 12x18- $45 & up
Smash - $20 & up

Specialty - $45 & Up
Variety of Styles and Flavors, some to include:
Orange Dreamsicle, German Chocolate, Pumpkin Spice, Carrot Cake.
New Flavor Ideas are Always Welcome. See Gallery for Ideas

Moist Vanilla or Chocolate Cake Topped with Delicious Vanilla or Chocolate Buttercream
Filling Optional

    Single - $2.00
    Dozen - $18
    Two Dozen - $34

    Single - $0.99
    Two Dozen - $22

    Cupcake Cake
    Specialty -$35 & up

Little Girl loves her Caramel Cups!

Delicate, Buttery Baked Tartlet Cups Filled with Rich, Creamy Homemade Caramel, Topped with a Silky Whipped Vanilla Frosting
    Single - $2.25
    Dozen - $25
    Two Dozen - $45

Traditional Chocolate Chip Cookie
    Single - $1
    Dozen - $10.50

Cookie Cake
Cookie Cake Baked and Topped with a Buttercream Decoration of Your Liking!

Eight Inch Round - $23
Heart Shaped - $23

Iced Cut-Outs

Hand Rolled Buttery, Sugar Cookie, Cut to the Shape of Your Liking, Iced with Your Choice of Color and Decoration

Single $2.00
Dozen $20

Salted Pretzel Rods Dipped in Mik Chocolate, White Chocolate, or Dark Chocolate.
Chocolate Drizzle of Sprinkles Optional.

Single - $1
Dozen - $11

Inquire about seasonal and holiday specials!
*All items are available in gluten free for an upcharge